MaMo. Materializing Modernity
11 Apr 2021

MaMo. Materializing Modernity

Landscape, Architecture and Anthropology intersections in 20th-century rurality

11 Apr 2021
April 12 – May 6, 2021

An interdisciplinary webinar on modernist rurality that brings together experts in the field of architecture, ethnography, visual anthropology, cultural landscapes and heritage.

In many European countries, modernity seems to have been regarded chiefly as a state-based ideological and experimental project, providing an opportunity for new rural landscape and architectural ideas converging on the vision imposed by diverse ideologies.
In this context and regardless of the nature of the political ideology, the pre-existing rural landscape underwent reshaping processes that reflected into tangible transformations and interventions.
During 20th-century and at different times, many countries demonstrated all the difficulties involved in addressing and incorporating the memories, material culture and societal evidence of those modernisation processes, and the remains they left into the new democratic present. These tangible traces of the past represent remembrances of unsuccessful economic policies and lost political bets, encompassing cultural, societal, anthropological, and historical values and memories, still impacting people who live in those territories. The webinar will delve into how can we explore, document, investigate and interpretate these rural realities.

The webinar is organised by Federica Pompejano (MSCA IF Fellow researcher, Academy of Albanian Studies, Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Art Studies – Albania), and is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant.

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